Zoom RFX 2200 - Multi Effects Unit

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Zoom RFX 2200 - Digital Reverb & Multi Effects Unit

With Instruction Manual and carry box.

Versatile effects and high-quality reverb The RFX-2200 comes with a full complement of 48 preset effects (8 effects x 6 banks). The reverb effects alone allow 121 different settings. The convincing sound stage created by the RFX-2200 far surpasses anything else available in this class. • 100 patch memory for immediate use Up to 100 patches (effect settings) can be stored in the internal memory. Calling up any patch is quick and easy. • Digital output The S/PDIF output (with optical and coaxial connectors) allows connection to consumer equipment with digital input (digital multitrack recorder, MD recorder, DAT recorder or similar), keeping the signal in the digital domain. • MIC IN connector The dedicated microphone connector on the front panel comes in handy for creating vocal effects without having to make cumbersome connections in the rear. Controlling the VOCODER effect is a snap thanks to this feature. • Built-in tap input Time-based parameters such as delay time can be entered directly, using the tap input feature. This makes it easy for example to match the delay time to the tempo of a song. • MIDI based control Functions such as patch switching, real-time parameter control, and storing of patch data on external equipment can be performed via a MIDI link.