Acus - ONE FOR STREET - Amplifer

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Acus - ONE FOR STREET - Amplifer

Amplifier - Ideal for Street Musicians - 7hrs Battery - 80W - 6" Woofer

The new ACUS ONEFORSTREET amplifier is one of the most compact amplifiers in the world! Designed for tone, portability and long battery life, the ONEFORSTREET has been designed and built for the street musician who highly values the natural tone of their instrument.

The first ACUS battery powered amplifier, ONEFORSTREET, was unveiled 5 years ago and changed the portable battery amplifier market for good. Now, ACUS has launched three new outstanding ONEFORSTREET model - the 5, 8 and 10. 

ACUS ONEFORSTREET comes with 40 Watts and a unique battery system incorporated into the cabinet offering fast and easy battery swapping to keep you playing for longer. Includes the ACUS ARTESIA BT-1 bluetooth receiver for connecting your external devices for jamming along to your favourite tracks. You can also livestream your performance direct to a compatible phone with the included ACUS ARTESIA LS-1 TRRS cable - easy connection to Garageband or your Instagram!