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The Trinity was a major break-through synthesizer for Korg. It is a beautiful, state of the art and superb sounding music workstation which first appeared in 1995. Its most notable new feature to the synthesizer industry is the super-cool 320 x 240 TouchView Graphical User Interface....which is also the heart of the instrument! This workstation seamlessly combines excellent digital sounds, in-depth yet intuitive programming, real-time controllers, upward expandability and elegant design to create the perfect all-around synthesizer.

The Trinity's sounds come out of a 24MB ROM chip with 48kHz multi-samples of about 375 sounds and 258 drums. You can even add an expansion board of Prophecy sounds and Z1 sounds! There's a good digital multi-mode filter with hi/low/band pass, band reject, resonance and more. There's also 110 effects for adding life to your sounds...up to 8 simultaneous insert effects and 2 master effects.

The Trinity Plus is an improved model of the breakthrough '90s Trinity workstation, adding the popular Prophecy sound engine for even more realistic virtual analog sounds.

The difference between the Trinity and the Trinity Plus is simply the addition of the MOSS synthesis Prophecy expansion board installed as standard within the 'Plus' (for more on MOSS and the Prophecy, see this author's review of that instrument in SOS October '95).

Once installed within the Trinity, the MOSS board provides another bank of sounds (Bank S) that you can program, play, and insert into Combis and Sequences as if they were no different from the PCM‑based banks A and B. You then have access to the full power of the Prophecy: analogue modelling, VPM (Korg's version of FM synthesis), brass modelling, reed modelling, plucked string modelling, noise + comb‑filtering, and three analogue‑style sync, ring‑modulated, and cross‑modulated models. Then there are the Prophecy's effects: two types of wave‑shaping, overdrive, wah‑wah, distortion, chorus, flanging, panning, delay, and reverb, all of which you can insert into programs before, and in addition to, the Insert and Master effects. Indeed, since the Prophecy sounds now have access to the Trinity's effects, you could argue that they're better than before.

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