Hidersine HEV1 Electric Violin

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The Hidersine HEV1 electric violin is an excellent choice for those who need an electric instrument - without breaking the bank. Simply plug in a pair of headphones and play as if you were on an acoustic violin. It's that simple!

You may want the HEV1 violin for silent practice. But you also may want it to be louder than everyone else! With the 1/4'' output on the side of the violin, you can plug directly into an amplifier - just like a guitar. And with appropriate hardware and software, you can connect to your computer for infinite tonal possibilities.

To ensure you can start playing straight away, Hidersine has included all the relevant accessories. The HEV1 electric violin is shipped with a styrofoam case, bulletwood bow, 9V battery, and rosin so you can waste no time getting started.

  • EQ dials enable you to control your tone
  • Practise in near silence!
  • Piezo pick-ups capture every nuance of your playing
  • Includes bow, rosin, battery, and case