Elvis Presley - ‘Portrait of a King’ - Ron Chadwick Framed Print

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Elvis Presley - ‘Portrait of a King’ - Ron Chadwick Framed Print

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Ron Chadwick started his life long love of art as a schoolboy before going on to graduate from the Medway College of Art with a 1st class in Visual Communications. During this time, Ron also spent time teaching drawing and painting as he worked his way through college.

After graduating in the late 70s, Ron moved to London & immersed himself in the vibrant art and music scene which gave birth to much of his work.

His style is heavily influenced by the pop cultural revolution of the 60s. His abstract work draws inspirations from the likes of Jackson Pollack but with his own unique twist that makes his work truly amazing to see.

Ron has a permanent residency at the Arte' Casa in Mallorca for over 8 years now where his work is both admired and respected by the European market.

The talents of Iconartman have sold globally, with customers from all across the world purchasing original Ron Chadwick art work. He also counts many celebrity clients as valued customers.